Welcome to My Corner of The Internet

Hi, I’m a random guy on the internet known as Farai Gandiya. I’m an IT manager trying to be a programmer which you can learn about on Farai’s Codelab once it’s back online. On this site, I write about whatever’s on my mind. The eventual goal of this site is to be less of a blog and more of a digital garden where I improve my content over time.

Until the, these are my most recent notes:

I also have web feeds (just RSS for now) if you want to read my posts as soon as I publish them.

You can also see what I’m up to on my now page and if you’re feeling generous, consider supporting my work.

Questions You May or May Not Have Asked

How To Pronounce My Name

It’s said Far-eye Gun-dee-yah. The r can roll, but it’s fine if it doesn’t.

Can I Follow You On The Socials?

Not at the moment.