Welcome to My Corner of The Internet!

Hi, I’m Farai Gandiya–just some random guy on the internet. Here’s some questions you probably have about me that I’ll gladly answer.

How Do You Say Your Name?

It’s said Far-eye Gun-dee-yah. The r can roll, but it’s fine if it doesn’t.

What Do You Do?

Nothing really. I got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science three years ago and I haven’t been able to find a job since then.

Until I do, I write about whatever and make personal programing projects.

Damn, Would You Like Me To Offer You A Job?

Sure that would be nice. Send me an email at gandiyafarai+YoDawgYouSaidYouWantedAJobSoAndIMightHaveOneSoLetsLinkUp@gmail.com.

You can also read my resume [PDF: 200KB].

Why Do You Have Such a Long Email Address?

For lolz. Email aliases are fun. Did you know that you own every sequence of email adresses with dots within your GMail username so gandiyafarai@gmail.com is functionally the same as gandiya.farai@gmail.com and g.a.n.d.i.y.a.f.a.r.a.i@gmail.com?

No, I Didn’t Know That, Thanks For Letting Me Know

Not a question, but I’m glad you found it helpful. Back to the questions.

What Are You Doing Right Now?

See the /now/ page.

What Stuff Do You Use?

It’s all listed on my /uses/ page.

You Mentioned Writing, Can I Read Some?

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