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We Get It Bill, You're Rich and Investing In Shit


I’m reading How To Prevent A Climate Disaster by Bill Gate which is better than I expected as it brings up interesting questions around national development in the age of climate change. The annoying thing is that a lot of it becomes an ad for his investments. A lot of “so we buy their “cures” while they suppress our medicine” vibes here.

Also, how the fuck do you write an entire chapter on transport and only mention the word “train” twice? Seriously. Though I must admit that it’s a smaller proportion of overall emissions than I thought (at 15% globally vs 30% in the US). I understand that we need tech (see “what do we do about cement”), but how do you spend two pages gushing over alternative fuels and only 1 paragraph saying “let’s try smart urbanism”?

I’m glad you understand your footprint and are trying to atone for it, but a $1 billion carbon tax on you would work as well. Also, as much as he tries to avoid political discussions, it seems you can’t get anywhere without adressing it.