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Man announces he will quit drinking by 2050


Taylor said it was important not to rush the switch to non-alcoholic beverages. “It’s not realistic to transition to zero alcohol overnight. This requires a steady, phased approach where nothing changes for at least two decades,” he said, adding that he may need to make additional investments in beer consumption in the short term, to make sure no night out is worse off.

Lol. But seriously, saying you’ll stop emitting by 2050 without a clear plan to reduce emissions other than “wait for carbon capture” is a bad plan. There are so many low hanging fruit you can pick that will make a considerable impact on emissions.

It won’t solve everything, particularly big energy projects, but it’s important to kickstart that momentum. A lot of decarbonizing projects have happened successfully and have taken decades, we need to do that but in ten years.

Climate Adams covers ways to make net zero count and potholer54 explains how South Australia nearly decarbinized their grid. We can do this ✊🏾.

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