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Forget your carbon footprint. Let's talk about your climate shadow.


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Think of your climate shadow as a dark shape stretching out behind you. Everywhere you go, it goes too, tallying not just your air conditioning use and the gas mileage of your car, but also how you vote, how many children you choose to have, where you work, how you invest your money, how much you talk about climate change, and whether your words amplify urgency, apathy, or denial.

Looking at your climate shadow seems far more useful than becoming a supply chain analyst to see which brand of bubble gum has a smaller carbon footprint. Sure housing, transport and food are the biggest things an individual can address but you can’t ignore the system we live in. The climate shadow includes how one’s actions influence action on climate change.

One thing I find annoying is how when a celebrity or politician says we should do something about climate change, people retort with something like “and yet you flew private to a climate conference, curious“. Sure they should probably fly commercial, but there are two things wrong with that.

  1. It’s a red herring from their actual point, which is true.
  2. If their influence translates to real substantive policy, it’s worth it.

On the second point, I wanna read through Bill Gate’s book on How to avoid a climate disaster. He’s a bit of a controversial figure but given his influence he might have some good points. He also sponsored every YouTuber so there’s that.

There is so much I wanna write about on climate change so expect that soon.

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