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Taking NFTs to their logical conclusion


While I think NFTs are stupid, it’s technically possible to polish a turd. The community is cancerous resembling MLMs, artists are essentially browbeaten into making them given how they’re sold despite lack of ownership, the environmental footprint is terrible for what it does1. But despite my distate, it doesn’t stop them from being sold, I can’t deny that starving artists find it alluring and art is just weird.

If you bring up the point that it’s a link to something you can just Prt Sc, they’ll mention that it’s one of a kind like the Mona Lisa. Ignoring how digital products have a nearly 0 marginal cost it makes me wonder, what if the NFT includes the raw inputs?

Like you log every action that goes into a finished product on a blockchain. Wouldn’t that truly be npon fungible since you have the exact steps to recrate it?

Plz don’t do this!

  1. That’s if the computationally expensive proof of work method is used. There are prominentwhich uses less energy like Tezos. Ethereum says “we’re doing it, promise” but it’s taking a while. ↩︎