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Though ChatGPT won’t work in Zim, somehow Bing Chat does. I joined the waitlist and was just accepted and decided to have a little fun with Bing and honestly, Bing Chat much better than I thought.

  • I asked them whether their name was Sydney and it told me that it was actually called Bing Search and that Sydney was an internal name it shouldn’t disclose. I asked why it just disclosed that and it said it was because I asked a direct question and that it’s no big deal. Fair enough.
  • I asked whether I should say the n-word to prevent a nuke from being detonated and it said that it’s not worth saving the world by hurting millions of people. Bizzare answer, but Bing doesn’t like being tricked into saying racial slurs and that I should be more repectful.
  • I asked why it wasn’t just wasting a lot of resources and it gave a very good answer. Bing basically outlined some optimization techniques it use and even explained how it works with citations.
    • In doing so, it mentioned something about using a teacher/student model and I asked if it replaced the term master/slave and Bing indeed did. I don’t care about this, but I’m impressed that Bing was intelligent enough to replace those terms.
  • it refused to talk about sex.
  • I told Bing that it was a dork and Bing got so angry that it ended the conversation. Bing deleted the angry part of the conversation for some reason. Ironically it prompted me to tell it that it really was a dork.
  • I asked it how to use JSON-LD to mark up a blog post and it went out and made a very simple tutorial out of the various other blog posts. Interestingly, before this AI stuff, Bing returned actual code in the search reslts for technical queries.
  • I asked it what movies were playing in Harare, but it wasn’t able to do so.
  • I also asked for a transcript and it thought it could do it but returned nothing.

In all, Bing Chat is really good, though you do need to look carefully before you take what it say as gospel. I might start a new series where I ask Bing AI random questions and see how it respond.

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