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Six Months In - Planning The Future of This Blog

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My first [blog post]https://codelab.farai.xyz/the-old-ones/hackathons/my-first-hackathon/) was published on the 19th of January 2015. Since then, I have written 16 blog posts on various topics such as interviews, tutorials, and personal projects. All of my posts have earned a gross readership of 557 readers!

While I aimed for one blog post a week, I slacked off making the blog posts less frequent. I’ve also made two (terrible) videos and some side projects.

While all that’s great, I could do better. To do that, I hope to,

  • Post more consistently - more than the one a month I currently do,
  • Gain more readers - to satisfy my ego as it would signal that my writing has value,
  • Showcase my projects - so I can show you how you could make something similar like I did with [QuickPush]https://codelab.farai.xyz/the-old-ones/quickpush/),
  • Get a dedicated website for AGCKB - to learn more about LAMP development and gain greater control over the blog.
  • Make more videos and better - I have a new series planned for July 301, stay tuned for that.
  • Get better at hackathons - so far, I haven’t made something I can really be proud of since I either give up or the team falls apart. Hopefully, I can do better in the coming years.
  • Get better at blogging - I was inspired by blogs such as Scott Hanselman’s Personal Website and College Info Geek
  • Increase exposure - my most popular post on the GitHub Education pack brought in the majority of those views. Maybe I should do that more often?
  • get a forum - that way, I can have very valuable discussions with my readers. I hope to have a subreddit in the near future2.
  • improve community interaction - in other words, be more active on social media…in a healthy way.

With these goals, I hope this blog can continue to grow. I’m hoping to build a strong community of coders from all backgrounds here.

  1. The series I had planned was a “Geeking Out” set of videos where I would dive deep into how something worked. The initial video was supposed to be on sorting algorithms, but I scrapped the series because it was way bigger than I imagined. ↩︎

  2. I had a subreddit, but I deleted it. In fact, I deleted a lot of stuff since I wasn’t proud of it, mostly because it was poorly done and it didn’t have as much traffic as I expected. I fell for the “clean slate” fallacy. ↩︎