• Edge, Can You Please Fuck Off and Let Me Browse The Web In Peace?

    Edge is such a naggy browser and it keeps getting worse. No, I don’t want a fucking coupon, or a payday lender, or to use Bing. Well, I did want to use Bing but they nerfed it so I don’t anymore. Also, I want to download an Excel file, not view it in the fucking web browser.

    Is it too much to ask to be able to browse the web in peace? When I updated to Windows 11, I didn’t even fight the various ways you make it hard to switch and it worked very well. Over time, it got more and more annoying to the point where I’m going to switch to something else.

    Unfortunatley, I doubt the other browsers are much better since they all have something to sell and even if it didin’t, software costs money to make. Exception is Safari but it’s not on Windows and web developers hate it. Maybe we need a people’s web browser? Surely some government can spare the $400 million to form a strong team that can make a kick ass browser.

    Guess it’s time to use Vivaldi.