• Should You Take Weigth Loss Drugs? [VIDEO 27:21]

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    I’ve recently heard about Ozempic (Semaglutide) which is a diabetes drug that is also good at weight loss since it suppresses appetite. I’ve struggled with weight my entire life, and I’d love to get this drug once it’s affordable. As great as this is, some have argued that it won’t deal with societal fatphobia since it won’t get obese people not obese and it’s just too easy compared to going through long term lifestyle changes. Concerning fatphobia, there’s a lot of annoying shit with being fat, but you can’t deny that it has a lot of issues. Also, have they considered that I might not feel positive about my body? I wonder what will happen to the movement once people decide that this pill is worth it?

    As for it being all too easy, so what? As Dr. Mike argues, weight loss is much harder than just not eating a lot since it’s hard to control your cravings which differ from person to person. Appetite suppressants can eliminate the issue of cravings, encouraging obese people to pursue fitness. My description doesn’t do his words justice so watch it for yourself.

  • A Vasectomy Historian on Why Male Sterilization Won’t Solve the Abortion Problem

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    Given the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to allow states to outlaw abortion, some have proposed mandated vasectomies as a solution given that it takes two to get pregnant. They aren’t entirely serious, though it’s worrying that the solution to a violation of bodily autonomy is to violate bodily autonomy.

    Georgia Grainger is a PhD candidate who researches the history of vasectomies1. She made a thread which shows how mandated vasectomies have a horrid eugenic history to them, much like female sterilization. Forced sterilization tends to impact minority and disabled groups disproportionately. Besides the horrid use of it, most people don’t know what it entails. Sure it’s reversible in theory, but it’ll be really expensive to find out.

    1. Niche but someone has to do it I guess. ↩︎