• The Internet At Work Sucks, But The Alternatives Aren't Any Better


  • For some reason, OK thought that my Mirinda and fat cook was a bottle of cooking oil and a pack of rolls, so it charged me three times the price I was expecting. After waiting a while, they were able to refund me in cash when I had paid in EcoCash.

    A bunch of Zimbabwean bank notes spread across the table

    If we’re going to have high inflation, can we at least get a $1,000 note? Can’t be sagging my pants with notes that can’t even get a loaf of bread.

  • Trying Cool Salsa Drinks

    A red top yellow bottle of Cherry & Lemonade and a green top red bottom Apple & Mint bottle on top of my laptop

    The other day I went to Pick n’ Pay and I noticed that they had these new drinks called Cool Salsa1 going for US$0.50 for a 350ml bottle. It’s a reasonable price for something I’ve never seen before, so I decided to get two flavours, Apple & Mint as well as Cherry & Lemonade.

    The Apple & Mint was more apple than mint, but it wasn’t bad though I’d rather go for the Mirinda Apple since I can get a 1l bottle of it at the same price with some useless change. The Cherry & Lemonade was great, however. Both of them had a slight preservative aftertaste, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

    I also tried the Watermelon and Dry Lemon flavours and while the Dry Lemon wasn’t special, the Watermelon was refreshing.

    I read an article on how Zimbabwe’s dollarization will attract regional companies to sell their products here giving us the same problems that we had the first time Zimbabwe dollarized. Honestly, it’s a tough problem to solve because if you try to put tariffs, we’ll face much higher prices than we already do. Then again, allowing cheaper products from abroad will ruin our forex reserves and cause unemployment as local players try to compete. Honestly, the only fix would be to increase local productivity and infrastructure so that it isn’t so expensive to do business in Zimbabwe in the first place, but that will take a while. Something for political candidates to think about before the coming election.

    1. The product’s site is broken for some reason. ↩︎

  • If You Advertise a USD price, I'd Expect it To Be A USD Price

    There have been 3 times within the past week where shops that advertise USD prices don’t actually have them. It’s isn’t much money in the grand scheme of things, but if you say that there’s a deal for $4.75, you can the surprised when people are annoyed that it costs $5.83 at check out.

    Yes we know you’re playing tricks with the exchange rate, but every sensible country has a means of correcting prices based on advertising. Why the hell is it my problem that your money laundering system is incapable of doing maths properly?

    These are the sort of things that should be reported to a consumer protection authority, but it’s Zimbabwe so it won’t accomplish shit.

    “Open for business” my ass.