I use a lot of stuff, some of which can be found on this page. Note that the links which go to Amazon are affiliate links and as an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission from anything you buy through it.


  • HP Pavillion x360—My current laptop which I got in May 2021.
  • iPhone 11—My mother got a 12 Pro Max and gave me her old iPhone 11. Has a cracked sceen and the ear speaker is bust, but it works well. 4GB RAM is amazing.
  • iPad Mini 2019—A very good tablet although it’s too small. I should have gotten the Air instead. I also have the Apple Pencil.
  • Logitech MX Master 1—Is my wireless mouse. Probably the best out there even though it was made three years ago.
  • Bose QC35—My noise cancelling headphones. They’re really good at the ANC. The air cushions are poor quality, albeit uncomfortable.


  • Visual Studio Code is my text editor of choice. I moved from Atom since VS Code was way faster and came with an integrated terminal. I’m thinking of moving to vim.
  • Editorial is the markdown editor I use on my iPad. While it’s a very good app with a pretty interface, snippets and Python scripting, it isn’t updated often. Then again, I got it for $5 5 years ago and maintaining software isn’t free. The person who made this also made Pythonista, a iOS based Python IDE. Sadly, the developer hasn’t worked on it for a while.
  • Taio–Editorial is getting frustrating and I came across this new app that’s in beta testing. I’m not a pro user yet, but it seems promising.
  • LumaFusion is what I use to edit videos for the Algorithmic Cookbook. Incredibly powerful for something which runs on an iPad.
  • NetNewsWire—an RSS reader.


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